The Kapoor Family Site by Shammi Kapoor

Kapoors Celebrating Holi

Shammi Kapoor's parents playing holi

My parents in the Holi mood

Holi at RK studio

Holi at RK Studio was celebrated with fun and frolic with the dumping of every guest in the color filled tank. After that there was song, dance, drinking and gorging from the finest laid out table.

Kanchan and Ketal Desai

My daughter, Kanchan and son-in-law, Ketan Desai

Neila Kapoor with her maternal relatives

My wife, Neila and her brood with their spouses after a splash of color

Adityaraj Kapoor playing holi

His Solo flight through the rainbow of Life. My son, Adityaraj

Rangoli at Kapoor Holi

This is Welcoming RANGOLI