The Kapoor Family Site by Shammi Kapoor


My name is Aditya Raj Kapoor, but it wasn't always so. I was given a nick name: Miki. A premature baby at 7 months, I was born at The Shirodkar's Hospital, Nana Chowk, (This got burnt down later on!) Bombay, on the Ist of July, 1956, at 04:26 AM. I was born with blue eyes, which later on turned green. The first born and a male, I was precocious right from birth!

At that time, we lived at Matunga, with my grand parents. Soon enough, we shifted to Chembur, a lovely bungalow, at Devnar, just a stone throw away from my elder uncle, Mr. Raj Kapoor. A few years later, we shifted from here and finally settled at our current residence at Malabar Hill, Bombay, where, now three generations live, all together!

I did my nursery at Breach Candy School. Five years after my birth, I found I had a sister. Ugly and demanding, this brat proved to be my undoing. All the favours went to her and I was soon unwanted. I can still kill her for it! Graduating from nursery, I soon went to a boarding at The Lawrence School Sanawar, Simla Hills. This was a spacious expanse of mountain and forestry at a height of about 5000 feet above sea level. My holidays were spent at Bombay and fun holiday spots, sometimes during a film shoot with either parent or sometimes just as a holiday.

WeddingWeddingMy mother died due to small pox when I was just nine. The love and affection at the Boarding kept my sanity and my father's extra effort at parenting by way of extra fun holidays kept the sadness at bay. We used to go to the Kumaon Hills for tiger shoots and though I was small and still elementary, I sure did get to enjoy the spoils, like fresh venison. This exposure, gave me a love for the outdoor, which was to provide a benefit to me later on.

In 1969, my father remarried, to a pretty lady from the State of Gujerat, in Kathiawad, the erstwhile State of Bhavnagar. This lady soon enveloped all of us with the expanse of her heart and helped us to re-kindle the spirit of a joint family within no time. Forsaking her right to bear children, with the excuse that two were enough, my mother gave up her future for the present. She gave me my second nick name: Ladoo! In India, this is a sweetmeat, eaten during festivals. I could eat it anytime. We now had all of Saurashtra to travel as well and a brand new set of relatives. Life was Discovery Channel!

And then we were discovered by God! We met our Spiritual Guru: Haidakhan Baba, who hailed from the foothills of the Himalaya. One by one He took us into His fold and we spent most of our holidays with Him, in a afforested valley, abound with a river and all things outdoors. My third nick came from my Guruji, He called me Kalwa. This means 'Kal Bhairav', the name of an Indian deity.

Having failed in my ISC/eleventh, I joined the family business: acting, at the Studio of my Uncle: Mr. Raj Kapoor, the famous RK Films. Spending a period of five years with him and assisting in the direction of three films: Bobby, Dharam Karam and Satyam Shivam Sunderam, I learnt all the tricks of the trade, at an early age. My Guruji, wanted me to learn more and made me give up films. He put me as an apprentice with a devotee, Mr. Yogendra Madhavlal and soon I was helping in exporting Kolhapuri Chappals to USA! Ofcourse, not having any formal education and/or business exposure, I am grateful to my first business employers, who spent valuable quality time with me and helped me to learn the basics of business. Graduating to Delhi, I joined Escorts, a Rs. 3000 Crore agricultural Company, run by Mr. Rajan Nanda, who married my cousin sister Mrs. Ritu Nanda, the daughter of Mr. Raj Kapoor, again at the behest of my Guruji. This was like a formal residential MBA course, with hands on practicals. It was fun. And thereafter I opened my own company and got into business myself, in various fields like, warehousing, sales, video, rural marketing, and finally amusement parks.

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In 1982, I got married, with a girl SELECTED by my Guruji. My wife, Priti, before her marriage to me was my Ist cousin, my 2nd mother's elder sister's daughter. We got married in the Himalayas, at the Ashram of our Guruji, in the temple of nature at the Hands of God! The Kapoors attendence was in full strength headed by Raj Uncle and Baji, Dabboo bhayia along with Babita and Lolo (now better known as Karishma), Shashi Uncle's son Kunal and my Aunt Umi's husband, Charni Uncle. So looking internally, I won the hand of a fair maiden and soon expanded the family to a handsome boy, Vishwapratap Raj Kapoor (a name chosen by our Guruji) and a very pretty girl, Tulsi. A few years later, after setting our family right, our Guruji took mahasamadhi (left His physical state).

Right now, I am with a group called Shogun, set about by Chairman: R. Kalyanaraman Mohan, a.k.a. 'GoodKnight Mohan', after a very popular household consumer brand he pioneered.

Here, I am focusing on leisure. The past 40 years, of which 25 have been spent with independent thought, has been an ocean of experience, with the support of my parents, without which it would have been only one year repeated 24 times.